Christmas Movie Bingo

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This Christmas Movie bingo game is sure to be a great hit at your holiday party. Snuggle up around the fire with some hot cocoa and play this fun Christmas game!

I love Christmas Movies! Snuggling up under a blanket with a cup of steaming hot cocoa and a Christmas movie on tv is my idea of a perfect winter night. So I took my love of Christmas movies and made Christmas Movie Bingo. This is the perfect family game. All ages can play and you don’t have to know anything about the movies to win. It’s just like regular bingo but with Christmas movies instead of letters and numbers.

Ready to play?

Christmas movie bingo cards

The Christmas movie bingo sheets are located in my resource library which is free to subscribers. Not a subscriber? You can sign up here. There are four different bingo sheets in this set so four people can play at a time. If you would like more than four people to play at a time, see the Christmas bingo game variations, below.


For anyone who has played bingo before, it is pretty self-explanatory but here’s how you play.

  1. Print out the four bingo sheets. Create additional sheets if needed.
  2. Write down each movie title on a strip of paper.
  3. Fold the strips and place in a bowl and mix up.
  4. Pull out one strip at a time and read the name of the movie.
  5. Players place a token on the space of the Christmas movie bingo board that corsponds with the movie name.
  6. First player to get an entire row filled (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) wins.

This would be a great game to play on Christmas Eve right before bed. Or play it during Christmas break when the kids get tired of playing outside in the snow.


What if you have more than 4 people that want to play? You can either take turns playing or you can use the blank bingo cards that I have included in the set. The blank bingo cards work just like my Super Bowl Bingo game. Because they are blank, you can write in whatever Christmas movies you want. Make sure to leave a free space in the center. Then write down all the movies on strips of paper and follow the instructions above for play.

Another variation of the game is to incorporate it into a secret Santa gift exchange. This is perfect for a company party or a holiday get-together with friends and family. Everybody brings a gift for a prize and the winner of each round gets to choose a wrapped gift.

Christmas movie bingo card with bells



christmas movie bingo game

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