Create Faux Calligraphy in 3 Easy Steps

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Learn how to create faux calligraphy. This technique is super easy, anyone can do it, and your lettering will look amazing!

When I was first learning how to hand letter, I had a very hard time getting the strokes of my letters to look correct. Most of my work came out very wonky. In order to master calligraphy, you need to master the thick downstroke and the thin upstroke by adjusting the pressure of the pen on the paper. This does not come easy to most people but there is a way to get the look of modern calligraphy before you master this technique.  It’s called faux calligraphy and it’s super easy to create.

faux calligraphy


Faux calligraphy (or fake calligraphy) is the art of imitating real calligraphy using any type of writing utensil. With real calligraphy, a special pen is needed but with faux calligraphy, you can use anything to write with.

A pencil? Yes!

A crayon? Yes!

A regular marker? Yes! 

If you have a writing utensil at home, you can create calligraphy writing.


There are only three steps in faux calligraphy:

  1. Write out your word or phrase using your writing utensil of choice. In this example, I’m using the hard tip of a Tombow Dual Brush Pen and writing out the word “hello”.
  2. Outline the thick downstrokes of each letter. When drawing your lines, make sure that each line is drawn on the same side of the letter.  For example, in the word “hello”, if you draw the line on the right side of the “h” downstrokes, make sure to also draw it on the right side of the “e” downstrokes.  This will keep the spacing between the letters consistent. Also, be sure that you keep the thickness of the downstrokes consistent throughout your lettering.
  3. Fill in the gaps between the line that you drew and the downstrokesfaux calligraphy practice


In order to master this technique, you will need some practice sheets. Lucky for you, I’ve created some faux calligraphy practice sheets so you can practice till your heart’s content. The worksheets are free and are located in the resource library. To access the resource library, you’ll need to be an email subscriber.

faux calligraphy



faux calligraphy practice
faux calligraphy


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