Lowercase Hand Lettering Practice Sheets

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Practice makes perfect! Add these lowercase hand lettering practice sheets to your daily practice session and watch your hand lettering technique improve!

When it comes to learning anything new, it’s always best to start with the basics. When I surveyed my readers, many of you expressed an interest in hand lettering but didn’t know where to start.  It may seem overwhelming but trust me…you can learn. That’s why I made these lowercase hand lettering practice sheets so you can practice hand lettering lowercase letters

lowercase hand lettering practice sheets

Your handwriting has nothing to do with hand lettering. I’ll repeat that…your handwriting has nothing to do with hand lettering. So, if you think that your handwriting is awful then you’re in luck because it doesn’t matter at all!  Think of hand lettering more like drawing instead of writing. Your actual handwriting may be horrible but your hand lettering can be beautiful.

If you haven’t read this post about the basic hand lettering strokes, you’ll want to read that first and master those strokes before moving on to actual letters. Basic strokes may sound boring but they are the fundamentals of hand lettering. Once you have practiced those strokes a bit, it is time for the lowercase alphabet practice sheets. 


The uppercase hand lettering practice sheets can be accessed in the resource library which is available to my email subscribers.  There are 5 total sheets in this set.

You can either print out a hardcopy or use these as iPad lettering practice sheets. When using the lowercase practice sheets, remember to implement the basic strokes when forming each letter. Also, remember light upstrokes and heavy downstrokes. Take your time and go as slow as you need to. There is no rush. Turn on some calming music after work, sit down with your favorite snack and just practice, practice, practice. And please don’t strive for perfection because there is no such thing.

lowercase hand lettering practice sheets


I recommend the Tombow Fudenosuke pens for these practice sheets. The thin tip is perfect for these letters. You can also use Tombow Dual Brush Pens

I would LOVE to see your progress! If you post any of your work on IG, please tag me @kellylcreates



lowercase hand lettering practice sheets

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