5 Must-Have Procreate Brush Packs

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Get the scoop on some of my must-have Procreate brush packs.  These brushes will take your designs from ordinary to amazing!

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with the Procreate app for the iPad pro. It has changed the way I hand letter and taken my designs to the next level. With procreate, I’ve also been able to create fonts from my very own hand lettering. Procreate has a ton of default brushes and a lot of my tutorials show you how to use these default brushes in your designs.  But today I’m going to step it up a notch and show you how paid procreate brush packs can really enhance your work! If you are just starting out with procreate or it’s been a while and you need a refresher, you’ll want to first read my intro to Procreate post. That post gives an overview of the app and where all the tools are located.


In order to be able to use brushes created by a designer, you’ll first need to know how to get them from the designer’s website to your iPad. This is a pretty simple process and I explain how to install brushes into Procreate in this post.  Once you have brushes installed, it’s time to have some fun.  Here are 5 of my favorite types of Procreate brushes. Make sure to scroll all the way to the end to see where you can get each Procreate brush pack.

procreate brush packs


Blending is critical when designing. You don’t want to have hard lines where one color meets another. I blend a lot when I create backgrounds and also use blending when I letter. These blending brushes by Seamless Team give me so many different options. There are both smooth and textured blenders to give your designs that unique look. These are perfect to use to create rainbow lettering and backgrounds.


I think I will be a forever lover of watercolor. I love how each color just blends seamlessly into the next. I look out my back window at dusk and watch the sunset and it reminds me of a watercolor painting just splashed across the sky.  If I had to choose my favorite type of procreate brush, it would be watercolor brushes. They work well to create backgrounds and also to get that watercolor brush lettering look that is popular right now. This set has everything you need to create gorgeous watercolor designs. Splatter brushes, wash brushes and three watercolor paper backgrounds.


Stamp brushes save so much time when designing. There are many things that I’m just not good at drawing, but if I have a stamp I can just stamp the design wherever I want. One thing that I absolutely love is hand-drawn floral wreaths. Stamps make it easy to create these types of wreaths in minutes. This watercolor stamp Procreate brush pack by Holly Pixels combine my love of watercolor and floral wreaths into one. Change up the colors of these stamps and you can create so many floral designs with just a few stamps.


Digital lettering with chalk brushes is an easy way to create the chalkboard look without the mess.  No more making sure that your hand doesn’t smudge the work that you’ve already done, no more chalk dust everywhere… just the beautiful look of chalkboard art without all the hassle. These Chalk Lettering brushes by On the Mark Designs make the process easy. You get several brushes and textures to create the perfect piece of chalk art.


In addition to watercolor and blended backgrounds, I really enjoy creating galaxy backgrounds for my lettering. This Creative Light Brush Set by Holly Pixels is perfect for adding celestial details to your backgrounds or lettering. It comes with 4 star/sparkle brushes in addition to 6 other brushes that are perfect for lettering.


So here’s the best part… I’ve partnered with Design Cuts to offer you ALL of the procreate brush packs listed above in a unique lettering kit bundle for an incredible discount.  Bundles are the way to go when purchasing design assets. You get a ton of great resources for a fraction of the price of each one individually. CLICK HERE and you’ll be taken to a special page where you can learn more about each brush pack listed above and get all of them!


I’d love to see how you use these brushes in your designs.  Make sure to tag me on IG @kellylcreates so I can see your work.


procreate brush packs

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