Funny Mom Quote Cut File

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This mom quote cut file is for all the moms out there just trying to get through the day. Perfect for a shirt, bag, mug or any other surface!

funny mom quote cut file on shirt

Are you knee deep in the mom life? Same here. Whether you’re going through sleepless nights, endless toddler tantrums or teenage attitude, every mom can relate. Every stage of motherhood comes with a different set of challenges and once you think you have one phase mastered, the kid throws a curveball at you and you are onto another (harder) phase. I’m currently at the teenage attitude stage and it is no fun. It’s a constant struggle for me and I call it a win if I can shower and make myself presentable. If this happens two days in a row, it’s a miracle. I’ve created this funny mom quote cut file for every mom who needs a little boost.


I really love this mom quote knew I had to make it into a cut file. Use it wherever you want to show that you are living the mom life.  If you are not familiar with cut files, you may want to first read this post about how to use SVG files. SVG stands for scalable vector graphic and it is the format that most cut files come in. In addition to SVG format, I’m also offering the cut file as a DXF, EPS and PNG. DXF files can be used with Silhouette Basic Edition software; EPS files are for use in Illustrator; and PNG files are for use in either Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva or any other program that supports PNG files.

If you would like to make a shirt like the one shown above, here is what you will need.

Download the cut file and follow this heat transfer vinyl tutorial.


Don’t want to use heat transfer vinyl? No problem! There are many other ways that you can use this file. One of my favorite ways to use cut files is to customize water bottles, mugs or tumblers.

funny mom quote cut file on mug

Check out this post to see how to customize a water bottle with vinyl.

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How do I open these files in my Silhouette software?
First, download the file and save it to your computer. If it is a zip file, unzip it. 

Next, open your Silhouette software and click FILE>OPEN and navigate to where you saved the file. You can also import the file(s) to your Silhouette library by clicking FILE>LIBRARY>IMPORT TO LIBRARY and navigating to where you saved the file.

Can I open SVG files in the Silhouette Basic Edition?
No. You must have Silhouette Designer Edition to open SVG files. If you have Silhouette Basic Edition, you can only open STUDIO files and DXF files. STUDIO files are specific to Silhouette.

Can this file be used with a Cricut?
Yes. Any SVG file can be used in Cricut Design Space. 

How do I cut different layers in different colors?
If you want your finished product to contain multiple colors of vinyl, read this post to learn how to cut layers with the Silhouette.

Please note that all printables and cut files are for personal use only. You may not sell or redistribute them. Thank you for respecting my work.


funny mom quote cut file



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