Hand Lettering Flourishing Practice Sheets

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These flourishing practice sheets will help you embellish and enhance your hand lettering projects. 

One of my favorite things about hand lettering is looking at all the amazing designs that people create around the letters. Yes, the letters are the star of the show but the embellishments around the letters can make or break a piece. But what type of embellishments should you use?  How do you make your lettering piece look great but not overdo it?  I like to start with flourishing. I love gorgeous swoops and swirls and they are not hard to create. I’ve created these flourishing practice sheets so you can learn how to draw these beautiful designs too.

flourishing practice sheets

If you haven’t read this post about the basic hand lettering strokes, you’ll want to read that and master those strokes first. Basic strokes may sound boring but they are the fundamentals of hand lettering. Once you have practiced those strokes a bit, it is time for the flourishing practice sheets. 


The flourishing practice sheets can be accessed in the resource library which is available to my email subscribers. Print out the PDF version and I recommend the Tombow Fudenosuke pens for these practice sheets. The thin tip is perfect for flourishes. f you do not want to waste paper (or ink), I suggest using tracing paper over a copy of the flourishes practice sheets.

You can also use these flourishing practice sheet digitally on an iPad  by using the JPG version of the sheet.Take your time and go as slow as you need to. There is no rush. Turn on some calming music after work, sit down with your favorite snack, and just practice, practice, practice. And please don’t strive for perfection because there is no such thing.

I would LOVE to see your progress! If you post any of your work on IG, please tag me @kellylcreates




flourishing practice sheets

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