How to Host a Virtual Craft Party

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Want to get together with friends for a fun craft night but can’t get together in person? Learn how to host an easy virtual craft party.

Craft nights with friends are so much fun. Some of my favorite times have been while sitting around with friends, a glass of wine, and a table full of craft supplies. But if you are stuck at home or unable to get together with friends, a virtual craft night is the next best thing. Think of it as a make-and-take on your own couch. You don’t have to get all dressed up (but extra points if you do), you can relax and chat with friends while making a fun project.  Read on for my tips on how to host a virtual craft party.

virtual craft party


Let’s face it, we need social interaction. And even if we can’t spend time together in-person that doesn’t mean that we can’t spend time together at all. Sometimes those Zoom calls can get a bit awkward if you are just sitting there trying to think of something to talk about. An activity during those Zoom calls is much more fun!


There are so many different types of crafts that you can make at your virtual craft party. From holiday crafts to birthday crafts to just “let’s get together and knit” type of crafts. I don’t knit but I do know that knitters LOVE to get together and do their thing. Here are some virtual craft party ideas to get you started

  • Holiday craftsornaments, cards, wreaths, wooden signs, decor 
  • Kids’ crafts – think small items that are easy for kids to make
  • Sewing crafts – hoop art, quilting, cross-stitching
  • Crafts for a new mom – decorated onesies, burp cloths
  • Crafts for a bride – personalized wine glasses
  • Crafts for friends – personalized mugs, makeup bags


  • Pick a platform – some options are Zoom, Google Hangout, Facetime, and Facebook Live
  • Pick a project – choose a project that is age-appropriate and can be completed in the time frame allotted. The one thing I hate is leaving a party with a half-finished craft so be mindful of your guest’s experience level with the techniques used to make the craft.
  • Pick a date and time – set the date and time based on the type of project you will be making
  • Send out invites – these can be in the form of an evite or just message people via text or messenger.
  • Send supplies – decide whether you will provide the craft supplies or your guests will purchase them. Make sure to send out the invites and supply list in plenty of time to gather the necessary supplies.  Also, consider the cost of the supplies. You don’t want to go overboard with the expenses


  • Make sure to set an end time – Two hours is usually a good time frame to complete a small project and enjoy some socializing with it. 
  • Make themed food and drinks – This is totally optional but can add to the fun. If you are having a holiday-themed craft night, consider sending a recipe to your guests for a fun holiday cocktail/mocktail so you can sip AND craft.
  • Make the project ahead of time – make sure you know exactly how to assemble the project so you can answer any questions that your guests may have.
  • Have fun and enjoy the time spent with one another – this is probably the most important. As we all know…things don’t always go as planned but just roll with it and enjoy the moments that you can connect with friends over a fun activity

I hope you can find some time to host a virtual craft night. If you do, I’d love to see what you make. Tag me on IG @kellylcreates so I can see your fun crafts!


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