3 Fun Hand Lettering Styles in Procreate

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These 3  fun hand lettering styles are easy to learn how to create in Procreate! All you need is an iPad, and Apple Pencil and some practice!

It’s no secret that I love hand lettering on my iPad Pro. The Procreate app has been a game-changer for me. With all the tools that Procreate has, the number of hand lettering styles that you can create seems limitless. Today I’m going to show you 3 of my favorite hand lettering favorite that you can create.


Before you begin to hand letter in Procreate, you need to decide on a brush to use. Procreate has a LOT of free brushes for you to choose from but just in case Procreate doesn’t have what you’re looking for, here are a few different sites that sell Procreate brushes. My favorite way to purchase brushes is in a bundle pack. When you purchase a bundle, you’re getting multiple brushes for a very low price. 

3 Fun Hand Lettering Styles

First things first: if you need an intro to Procreate or a refresher, check out my Intro to Procreate post. This post goes over the basic tools in Procreate, where they are located on the interface, and how to use them. 

Rainbow Lettering

I’m a big fan of anything rainbow and love to incorporate rainbow colors into my designs. This tutorial will show you exactly how to create a rainbow lettering effect.

rainbow lettering on tablet

Watercolor Brush Lettering

I’ve never met a watercolor painting that I don’t like. I’ve created many prints with watercolor backgrounds but watercolor lettering is a bit trickier. Procreate makes it easy create a watercolor look with your lettering.

create watercolor brush lettering in procreate

Galaxy Lettering

The galaxy lettering technique is so much fun. I love anything that looks celestial. You can customize this to create any color galaxy that you want! Want a lighter blue instead of purple? You can do that! Want more stars? Yep, you can do that too.

galaxy brush lettering on ipad pro



hand lettering styles in procreate

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