How to Draw Conversation Hearts in Procreate

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Learn how to draw conversation hearts in Procreate. These conversation hearts are super easy to draw and are perfect practice for anyone who is new to illustrating in Procreate.

I use Procreate a ton for hand lettering but there is so so much more that you can do with the app. Lately, I’ve been wanting to incorporate illustrations into my lettering pieces so I’m starting with the basics because that is always the best place to start. Since it’s February, I chose candy hearts and today I’m going to show you how to draw conversation hearts in Procreate.

These instructions are assuming that you already know how to use Procreate so if you don’t, you’ll want to check out this intro to Procreate post first. I have a video tutorial at the end of this post if you learn better via video.



  1. Create a new square canvas and draw a heart.

  2. Duplicate the heart layer, fill it with a darker purple and move it down.

  3. Add some shading to the right side of the dark purple heart

  4. Add bright pink text to the heart

  5. Duplicate the text layer, rasterize it, and fill it will black. Move it to the right and reduce to opacity.

  6. Repeat the process for the two other hearts and position them as shown below

  7. Add depth by creating shadows using motion blur and the soft airbrush.

  8. Add confetti hearts to the background using my Valentine Stamps and reduce the opacity of the stamps.


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