How to Make DIY Earrings with a Silhouette

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DIY earrings are easy to make and a fun beginner project. Learn how to make earrings with a Silhouette machine.

I’ve made so many things with my Silhouette machine over the years but have never attempted jewelry… until now. I’ve been meaning to try my hand at making earrings for a while and I thought that the summer holidays were the perfect time to go for it. These earrings are fun, sparkly, and easy to make. They are the perfect beginner project.

earrings with silhouette

Before I dive into how exactly to make earrings with SVG files, you’ll need to know the basics of working with SVG files. Here are some posts to review if you are a beginner or need a refresher.




The following instructions are for Silhouette. However, the basic steps are the same for Cricut. (Import, size, choose material, & cut).

  1. Import the earring SVG file into Silhouette Studio or Cricut Design Space. If you are using Silhouette, here is a detailed tutorial on how to import SVG files.
  2. Size your file to the size that you want your earrings to be. I sized my file to approximately 2 inches long.
  3. Choose your material. For Silhouette Studio, I created a custom material setting for faux leather by modifying the “leatherette” settings to: BLADE:10 SPEED:1 FORCE: 22 PASSES: 2
  4. Run a test cut with the blade settings to make sure that it cuts properly. If the cut is not deep enough, adjust the force until it cuts cleanly.
  5. Place your faux leather onto the cutting mat. Secure it with painters tape. The leather will move even if you use a brand new mat so make sure to secure it.
  6. Send the earring file to cut.
  7. After the file is done cutting, remove your earrings from the cutting mat by peeling away the excess faux leather.earrings with silhouette
  8. Poke a hole through the top of the earring using a weeding hook. Be careful not to rip the faux leather. Make sure that the hole is close enough to the top of the earring so the jump ring can fit.
  9. Using the pliers, open the jump rings and place 2 jump rings through the hole. To open the jump rings, hold the ring with 1 set of pliers on each side of the break. Carefully twist one set of pliers toward you to open the ring. Place the earring hook onto the jump ring. Close the jump ring by rotating the pliers the opposite way to close.

    earrings with silhouette

earrings with silhouette

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you make a pair of earrings, tag me on FB or IG @kellylcreates. I’d love to see them!



How do I open these files in my Silhouette software?
Save the file to your computer. If it is a zip file, unzip it. Open your Silhouette software and select FILE>OPEN and navigate to where you saved the file. You can also import the file(s) to your Silhouette library by clicking FILE>LIBRARY>IMPORT TO LIBRARY and navigating to where you saved the file.

Can I open SVG files in the Silhouette Basic Edition?
No. You must have Silhouette Designer Edition or higher to open SVG files. If you have Silhouette Basic Edition, you can use PNG files and convert the PNG to a cut file.

Can this file be used with a Cricut?
Yes. Any SVG file can be used in Cricut Design Space

earrings with silhouette

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