Fall Procreate Stamp Brushes

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Use these Fall Procreate stamp brushes to create beautiful fall designs. No graphic design or illustrating experience needed.

I absolutely love Procreate. It has streamlined my lettering process and I can whip up a lettering piece in no time flat. When I discovered stamp brushes… GAME changer! Stamp brushes make it super easy and fast to create illustrations to go along with lettering…something I could never do with regular markers and/or paints.  Last year I created a Christmas-themed stamp brush set so I decided to create some Fall Procreate stamp brushes this year.

fall procreate stamps


If you have never installed a brush into Procreate before, don’t worry. It is super easy to do. This tutorial on how to install brushes will walk you through it. The brushes in the Fall Procreate stamp brush set are bundled together in a zip file. After you download the brushes and import them into Procreate, the brushes will install into the “Imported” folder in the brush library. This folder is at the very bottom of the brush library. To move the brush set to a new location, just tap and hold and drag the brushes to where you want them in the brush library.

The brushes in this set are created in an outline format, which means you can use them as-is or add color to make them pop! Mix and match for fun designs.

fall procreate stamps

Get the Fall Procreate stamp brush set in my shop.

Once you have installed the brushes into Procreate, it’s time for some fun! Open up a document to start creating!  Inside the brush set, each brush is labeled. Just tap the brush to select it and then stamp it on your canvas. Use the sliders to increase or decrease the size of the stamp brush.

Use the Fall Procreate stamp brushes to create backgrounds and borders for your lettering or to illustrate a lettering piece. Stamp brushes make it easy to illustrate a fall scene in a short amount of time and you don’t need any illustration experience.


Get the Fall Procreate stamp brush set in my shop.

Would you be interested in more Procreate Brush Bundles? Let me know in the comments or just send me an email.



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