How to Create a Repeat Pattern in Procreate

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Learn how to create a repeat pattern in Procreate following this easy tutorial.

Ever wanted to see your designs printed on fabric or other items such as greeting cards, towels, or blankets? The first step is to create a repeat pattern. There are many ways to do this but today I’m going to show you how to create a repeat pattern in Procreate.

repeat pattern in Procreate


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A repeat pattern can also be called a seamless design. It is a motif that can be repeated vertically and horizontally forever without a break in the design.

Because this tutorial is easier to understand if you watch how it’s done rather than read instructions, I’ve created a video to step you through the process. If you would like the written steps, they are included below the video.


  • Create a square document
  • Fill the square with a design of your choice
  • Group the layers together and duplicate the group.
  • Flatten the duplicated group
  • Turn on the guides and increase the guides to max
  • Create selections for each square
  • Cut and paste the flattened design into the selection squares
  • Move the selections left, right, up & down to create the repeating pattern

I hope you’ve found this video tutorial helpful for creating a repeat pattern in Procreate. Make sure to save it by pinning it.

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repeat pattern in Procreate

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